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Course content of IOT workshop using Node MCU

Day S. No. Content
1 1 Introduction to IOT

·         Understating IoT Technology

·         History of IoT

·          IoT Standards, requirements and challenges for implementation and applications

2 IOT Architecture
3 Introduction to Embedded System
4 Introduction to Arduino, Node MCU (ESP 8266) and ESP 32

·         Pin Diagram

·         Features and Applications

5 Installation of Arduino IDE + ESP8266

·         Basic blink LED program

2 6 Online Arduino programming and simulation using TINKERCAD

·         Interfacing of LED with Arduino

·         Blinking of LED

·         Traffic Light Controller

·         Interfacing of LCD Module

7 Interfacing of LED with Node MCU
8 Introduction to Cloud Platforms and Setup of Arduino IoT Cloud Web and mobile App
9 Controlling of LED using IoT Cloud Platform
3 10 Interfacing of Potentiometer and LED delay control

·         Online Simulation using Arduino

·         Hardware implementation using Node MCU

·         Controlling/Monitoring of component using IoT Cloud

11 Introduction to PWM and LED brightness Control
12 Interfacing of RGB LED

·         Displaying main color

·         Displaying color spectrum

4 13 Interfacing of Relay Module and controlling using IoT Cloud
14 Interfacing of motion sensor and monitoring of alert using IoT Cloud.
15 Home Automation using Node MCU and IoT Cloud
5 16 Interfacing of Soil Moisture sensor and monitoring of data using IoT Cloud.
17 Interfacing of Temperature and Humidity Sensor, and monitoring of data using IoT Cloud
18 Smart Green House Agriculture using Node MCU and IoT Cloud
6 19 Interfacing of Ultrasonic Sensor and monitoring of data using IoT Cloud.
20 Smart water level monitoring and control using Node MCU and IoT Cloud
21 Smart waste management using Node MCU and IoT Cloud
22 Discussion and Future scope

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